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Dr McCosker has an interest in Gynaecology and has adopted many new techniques and ideas into his practice since 1993.

Special Interest, areas of expertise include:

  • interface/ico-services.pngVaginal Prolapse
    Repair Urinary
  • interface/ico-services.pngIncontinence
  • interface/ico-services.pngVaginal Surgery
    eg. Vaginal Hysterectomy/
  • interface/ico-services.pngAbdominal Hysterectomy/
  • interface/ico-services.pngReversal of
  • interface/ico-services.pngEndometrial Ablation/
  • interface/ico-services.pngLaparoscopy
  • interface/ico-services.pngHysteroscopy
  • interface/ico-services.pngHormone

Procedures Performed in Office

Dr McCosker can perform many procedures in office, these procedures include:

  • interface/ico-services.pngColposcopy
  • interface/ico-services.pngCervical
  • interface/ico-services.pngEndometrial
  • interface/ico-services.pngUltrasound
  • interface/ico-services.pngInsertion of
    Mirena IUCD
  • interface/ico-services.pngInsertion
    of Implanon
  • interface/ico-services.pngFitting Pessaries
    for prolapse
  • interface/ico-services.pngPap
  • interface/ico-services.pngGeneral Vaginal
    and Abdominal

Useful InformationFrequently Asked Questions

Can a curette be done in the Rooms?

An endometrial biopsy may be done in the office, but for a Hysteroscopy and Curettage a general anaesthetic in hospital is needed.

Do I have to go to hospital to have a polyp removed?

In some cases you may have to be admitted to hospital.

I am having a Mirena inserted will I be able to drive home?

Yes, you will be able to drive home after having a Mirena inserted.

I have just had a Mirena inserted and I am now experiencing period like pain, is this normal?

Possibly, but an examination is advised to check on the Mirena.

Is there an anaesthetic when the Mirena is inserted?

No, it is not usually necessary to have an anaesthetic. If an anaesthetic is needed the Mirena can be inserted in hospital.

My ring pessary has just fallen out, what should I do?

This can happen, don’t panic, just wash the pessary and place in a plastic bag then bring it with you to your next appointment. Or call the office to make an appointment.

Should I still come for my appointment if I have my period?

It would be best to call and check with the Practice Manager before your appointment as it will depend on what procedure you are having done.

What if I don’t want to have an internal examination on the day?

Depending on why you are coming, an internal examination may not be necessary. This would be discussed with Dr McCosker at your consultation. Of course, nothing would be done without your consent.

Do you bulk bill?

This is not a bulk billing practice, but we do offer a discount for holders of a Centrelink Health Care Card or Pensioner Concession Card. Payment is required on the day of consultation .After payment of your account you are entitled to claim the Medicare Rebate.

Do you participate in the “No Gap” scheme with my Health Fund?

Yes, we do participate in the “No Gap” scheme with Health Funds, which basically means that if you do have surgery, there will be no out of pocket expenses for Dr McCosker’s fees and the account will be billed directly to your health fund.

Why did I get a bill from Pathology when I have already paid in the office?

Payments in the office are for the consultation and examination, not for pathology tests on specimens collected in the office. If you have an examination that requires pathology (eg. Pap smear, biopsy), the specimen will be sent to one of the Pathology Lab’s in the Wollongong area. Any queries should be directed to the relevant Pathology Lab.

Why do I need a referral from a GP?

A referral is helpful to give Dr McCosker a history of your health, and treatment used. Your GP could also include any test results that you have had recently in relation to your condition. Having a current referral allows you to claim a rebate from Medicare.

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